It is often the case that from a buyers perspective many products appear to be of good value in the short term because of their lower price tag but are in fact not good value when you consider that they have to be replaced more frequently with a combined costs well in excess of that of an initially higher priced quality product.

Many products today are designed to have obsolescence built in or made cheaply using poor quality materials requiring them to be replaced rather than repaired. Products that are designed or made to have a short lifespan results in them needing to be replaced much more frequently than a quality product option. This may well be beneficial in meeting manufacturers short term profit goals but doing business this way has a disastrous effect upon the environment due to the additional emissions, waste and the usage of resources that are required to make new replacement products.

Purchasing products that are fit for purpose, of good manufactured quality, built to last and that are reparable reduces the need to replace them over time and therefore offer much better value for money and avoids unnecessary increased damage to the environment. Ideally the act of buying a product should be considered carefully both in terms of your need of the product, it being fit for purpose and the adverse impact the product has on the environment giving consideration to how the product is made, how long it will last and how it can be disposed of at the end of its useful life.

There are of course some companies that demonstrate a real commitment to producing high-quality products that are fit for purpose, built to last and are able to be repaired.

Here are a few we love

Patagonia started out as a small American company that made equipment for climbers but grew to become a respected international business that makes clothes and equipment for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, mountain biking and trail running. They donate 1% of their sales to grass roots activist groups working to preserve the environment across the globe. They aim to make products that are functional, repairable from materials that can be recycled in a manner that does the least harm to the planet.

Carhartt Inc. was established in Detroit, Michigan by Hamilton Carhartt and have produced workwear since 1889. For 125 years, Carhartt has made best-in-class durable work clothing best known for rugged construction, innovative design and exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort,

Since 1932 Danner boots have always been a benchmark of outstanding craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. The company founder Charles Danner was reputed to have said that whatever the economy, superior quality materials and craftsmanship would in the long run offer the best value for money and ensure the longevity of the Danner brand. Today, Danner continue to make the highest quality footwear and every pair of Danner boots exhibits an appreciable difference in craftsmanship and the quality of materials used.

These well respected brands are just a few of those stocked by Naked Ape. Each offer products that represent exceptional value for money and offer long useful service and enjoyment when looked after.