Insulation is a vital characteristic of all cold weather clothing. It's no use having a large coat if there is no insulation as this will have next to no effect on your temperature.

Insulation allows your jacket to retain your body heat and minimise heat loss, so that you will not be as affected by the cold weather, wind or rain. Many of our Patagonia and Carhartt coats, jackets and gilets are insulated, making them an ideal addition to your winter wardrobe.

Our best selling products, like the Patagonia downtown loft parka and the better sweater range, have a large amount of good quality insulation that will keep you warm and cosy in all kinds of conditions.

All of our Patagonia and Carhartt cold weather clothing is insulated so you don't need to worry about adding base layers or layering up underneath them unless you are heading to sub-zero temperatures. They are ideal for the coldest seasons in every city and an essential winter coat to ensure you are able to travel and move around in comfort when the big freeze comes.

For more cold weather options, take a look at our full range of Patatagonia and Carhartt Jackets and Coats