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Our selection of Patagonia and Carhartt shirts are ideal for any adventurer who wants to take a casual shirt to relax with in the evening after the day's exertion. Shirts are compressible and easy to pack into a Rucksack or a suitcase, making them very versatile to any situation.

We have a range of short sleeve and long sleeve Patagonia shirts that would be suitable for any occasion, whether you will wear them under fleeces or coats for a hike or if you just want a stylish casual shirt to take on your holiday, these shirts will be an ideal item.

Polo shirts are great for activities such as hiking, as they are excellent at keeping you cool and comfortable. They are versatile items of Patagonia clothing as they can be worn under any item of clothing as an extra layer, perfect for when you go to colder climates to wear under a fleece, a pullover or one of our insulated Patagonia Jackets.

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