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A vest or gillet is a great piece of kit for adding an extra layer of warmth and comfort when you are outdoors.

Our range of Patagonia vests are extremely popular, with the Patagonia Nano Puff vest our best seller and highest rarest vest in the range. This vest is made with polyester which is an extremely good insulator, allowing you to stay warm in the chilliest of conditions.

The Nano Puff is a favourite among hikers due to it's compressibility, being able to fold down to a small packet that will easily fit in a rucksack or backpack whilst out hiking. It also gives hikers and extra option for warmth whilst outdoors, to save them having to carry around a larger coat or jacket that would take up a lot of space.

This Patagonia vest is also favoured with runners who are appreciative of it's windproof feature. Having a windproof vest whilst out running will stop you feeling the windchill on your chest, meaning you can maintain a high body temperature to keep you warm whilst you are out on the trails.

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