Pullovers make great additions to your winter wardrobe, allowing you to to quickly put on an extra layer if you're cold or if you are layering up to go outside in cold temperatures.

The Patagonia pullovers we stock come in a range of styles and sizes, suitable for wearing as an outer layer or for wearing under a coat or jacket if you are faced with really cold weather.

The advantage of a pullover is that they can also be worn indoors to keep you warm inside, perfect for if your heating is broken or you are visiting a place that you know will be cold. One of our best selling pullovers, the Patagonia R1 pullover, is perfect for all conditions. It is especially coveted by those who enjoy skiing or holidays to alpine locations that are often covered in snow and very cold. It is lightweight and easily compressible, making it simple to fit into a bag for later.

We also have a selection of Patagonia fleece pullovers that are great extra layers to add under a coat or jacket in the most severe temperatures or are a comfy layer to add to warm yourself up at any time of the year.

Keep the cold out by pairing a hoody or fleece pullover with an insulated Patagonia Jacket

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