Getting the trousers right for your activity is extremely important for you to remain comfortable and perform at your best.

If you like canoeing or kayaking then jeans are the worst possible trouser option for you, that's why our range of Patagonia trousers offers something for all activities to keep you comfortable throughout your session.

Our range of Patagonia trousers includes popular zip-off items of clothing that allow you to turn your trousers into three quarters or shorts. These kind of trousers are ideal for long hikes or camping trips where you simply don't have the room for three pairs of trousers or shorts and need a versatile option that will perform well and reduce space.

We also have a great selection of Carhartt cargo trousers that make great outdoor activity wear. Having plenty of pockets is important when our in the wild as you often have many items that you need to have to hand t a moments notice. If you are navigating you need to have quick access to your map and compass, as well as having a pocket for phone, wallet and keys. Carhartt cargo trousers are a brilliant piece of kit that should be part of any man's wardrobe.